2nd-6th September 2015

After a few months of form filling, nervousness and preparation, ESN Liverpool were officially voted into ESNuk at the National Platform in Plymouth last week!

Twice a year, all the UK Sections get together to meet each other, learn new things, share experiences and make ourselves a better #ESNukFAMILY. Last weekend, it was Plymouth's turn to host the National Platform, which they did in SPECTACULAR style, with proper Devonshire tea breaks (scones and all), beautiful tours of their city, and a quiz with some very dodgy fact checking. Credits also go to the AMAZING National Board of the UK who put on some fantastic workshops and presentations that left us leaving with heads the size of Megamind (filled with SO much ESN info). 

After our VERY nervous President (Gemma), slideshow remote in hand, fearfully presented our incredibleness to the rest of the room, the UK voted... AND WE WERE BORN!!

ESNuk left the National Platform, with not only 1, but 4 brand spanking new sections. Congratulations to ESN Westminster and the other two ESNortherners, ESN UCLAN and ESN Leeds!

Photo Credits to Ray Sieh of the NP OC